Un territorio da vivere
è un territorio che ti rimane nel cuore
come un buon posto a cui fare ritorno.

Travel like Nicola

“I would come to Rumo when I was a child to my grandfathers’ house to spend my holidays. I always thought that Rumo was the best place in the world” says Nicola, a restorer who now lives here with his entire family.
Before he goes to his vaulted ceiling workshop, where one can smell a wine scent, he walks every morning in the wood and in the fields along streams and shores. He has always loved the path called “Ziro del Lez” which leads you to the silver mines. He sometimes proceeds on the left side to the “Sacra Famiglia” finally reaching a farmstead known as “Mas del Crislot”. Once he arrives here, Nicola sits down on an old wooden bench waiting for the sun which illuminates three famous mountain cottages in Val di Non that you can admire from only one view: “Malga Stablei”, “Malga Lavazzè” and “Malga Val”. Nicola often climbs their paths alone, seeking to reach the highest tops of the “Maddalene” mountain range. Then Nicola goes up the paths again, together with his wife and sons, each time discovering new breath-taking views and magnificent natural beauties. Sometimes you can find him seated on the bench holding a book in his hands because that is the place where tranquillity reigns.
“How about the fields of tall green grass are very wide; this is the place where you have arrived right now” (Pieluigi Cappello).
Within these forested paths, you can hear the bell from the deers, the birdsong, the crickets sound, the squirrels nibbling and the foxes walking on tiptoes. In his free time Nicola visits museums, castles, holy sites, villages, small towns, while also going canoeing.
Furthermore, he goes to stunning and crystal-clear lakes and travelled along walking routes. He travels mostly on foot, but also by bike and kayak, to explore the extraordinary natural features that the Val di Non offers.
One day, he would like to travel along the roads again, riding a motorbike to discover the numerous mountain passages you can find in Val di Non. When Nicola says that there are many quaint places to visit, from the small restaurants, holiday farms and shelters where you can savour typical dishes from this area to the Chinese, Indian and even Mexican restaurants, he thinks how the mountains could be an open window on the world.
He often is carried away by the sense of joy experienced at the inns and coffee bars, where locals sing traditional songs such as “La Montanara”. You may often sing, dance or clap hands to the songs in order to make you feel at home.
It is in within these special local places where you can taste wine and beer from local breweries and wineries, which are always a must for travelling wine and beer connoisseurs.
Moreover, it is worth sampling local cheese and dried meats, to experience the tradition of local farmers, like a slice of speck and sausage or even a piece of apple strudel, which are important staples in the area.
In winter Nicola and Alessia often get up early. You may see the light on early in the morning as they prepare the equipment necessary to go skiing in the neighbouring ski areas together with their children. Alternatively, they even go snowshoeing across the snow-capped landscape, leading to the mountain cottages in the heart of the “Maddalene” range, where the border along the South Tyrol is a stunning balance between the different and similar traditions and cultures.
Furthermore, a visit to the Christmas market or villages where several nativity scenes are set up along the cinnamon, mulled wine and honey scented streets, is a milestone for all tourists.
Nicola nostalgically recalls his friend Guido Nena who lived here all his life. He described his beloved hometown in the dialect of Rumo by stating: “As you travel along Val di Non, on one side stretches Val di Sole, whereas on the other side, behind the Rumo Valley, Val d’Ultimo puts its roots. In the middle exists a secluded but suggestive Valley called “Val di Rumo”. Look! There is no other place more fascinating than Rumo.”

Do not forget to bring your Trentino Guest Card (TGC)! It is the key for free entrance or special discounts in museums, castles, natural parks. Moreover, you have the opportunity to travel free on public transports across the Trentino throughout your stay. You can even have the TGC for a single overnight stay: If you send us your e-mail address, you can use it as soon as you arrive in Rumo.
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