Our farm

This farm maintains the alpine landscape of the village made of meadows and grasslands where we can find alms. Although the modern technologies that we can find in the farm, there are still the traditions of the village. Thanks to the farms in this village it produces the cheese Trentingrana and other typical cheeses of the place. In our farmhouse we have a vegetable garden and a little potato field that we work with a lot of passion without fertilizer, but only with dung. In our farm, for only three days, Emanuele Filiberto has worked in.

The farm

Here we are! Our milk is conferred twice a day to the dairy farm where the Trentingrana DOP is produced, but also other local cheeses. Come to visit us! It will be an unforgettable experience.

The vegetable garden

We cultivate this small piece of land only by natural process: snow, sun, rain and so on. There are also herbs. We made a little house where we can find the insects like ladybugs and butterflies. You can visit it and learn the vegetable and the plants that you can eat if you decide to stay by us to dinner.


I am charly and I have a particular character. They say I am a beautiful horse, sometimes superb, but I have a sweet character. You can know me and if you are able you can stroke me.